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Is Porsches new EV any good?

Is the new Porsche EV any good?

Porsche presented their first full electric vehicle a few months ago, as car enthusiast you may ask yourself if a electric car can be a real Porsche.

Well many persons are skeptical about electric mobility, but is there really a reason for this. I mean sure they got a limited range which need to be recharged but for example the average distance of Germans drive a day are 39km(24 miles) and a long range Tesla model got a range of about 500km (310 miles) so where is the problem? Do you really drive 500km without making a single break usually not?

I guess the main issue of EVs is the price, so here is another example the Golf VII, the base price of the TFSI (petrol engined) is at around 18k€ which is quite good for what you get but what is about the Golf E which costs nearly as twice as much ~36k€ of course you still get the EV bonus from the government which are about 6,000€ here, so you still have to pay 12,000€ more and that with a small range of 170-230km which is quite bad compared to some other EVs.

So now back to the Taycan ,first shown in 2015 at the International Autosalon in Frankfurt (IAA) Porsche showed their electric concept car the Misson E , back then they announced that there will be a production car based on it. 2018 they offered pre-orders for their new car, but who will buy a car nobody knows about? Sure Porsche won’t disappoint you but you got my point. After 4 years in 2019 they finally released it and well the result surprised many. The design is amazing, really futuristic like most EVs but not like a Mirage or Prius which are obviously too crazy looking, the Taycan is more simple but still beautiful.

The performance of the Taycan is quite good, the acceleration starts at a 0-62mph time of  4 seconds at the 4s model and ends with the top spec version Turbo S at 2.8 seconds which is crazy because a Bugatti Veyron needs 2.6 Seconds and you can easily pay prices above 2 Millions. Also the range isn’t that bad either,  the max range is at about ~460km(285 miles) but in case you emptied the battery you can recharge back to 80% in only 25 Minutes. Another cool feature of the Porsche is the AWD which will help deliver the power of 530-761 hp on the street. The top speed of the 4s is at about 250km/h, the other models the Turbo and Turbo S are able to reach the 260km/h

When you aren’t on curve coutryroads you can also use it as your daily driver with the two boots he got a bootspace of 81 litre in the front and 366 litre in the back, which should be enough for the average purchase at the supermarket or even for you next holiday trip. Also the energy recuperation will help you in cities, to get some of the used power back. 

As the Taycan is a modern EV it got some really nice features, for example a lightning Porsche writing at the back, or the spaceship sound when you accelerate.  One controversial feature is that the buttons in the middle are actually on a touchscreen which will be annoying the ones I know from VW are a bit slow to interact but I still think Porsche did this for a reason and didn’t cheap-out on the quality of  such important control elements. 

If you now consider buying one, I can tell you that like all new Porsches it isn’t cheap  the currently cheapest model the 4s starts at about 105,000€, the Turbo starts at 152,000€ and the Turbo S at 185,000€ so maybe you should wait until Porsche releases the announced cheaper model that will be at Model S price.

Now is the Taycan good, in my opinion it is a great car, it is really well designed and called to be fantastic to drive, even the legend Walter Röhrl called it to be a real Porsche and he is definitely not an EV fan. Also Bill Gates bought one so it can’t be that bad and I think it will be a real success for Porsche and as long as they don’t electrify the legendary 911 the should bring more electric models to the market.

Thanks for reading this article, if you enjoyed it please leave a little comment, if not tell me what I can improve, stay healthy at this times and have a great day.

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