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The forgotten dwarf

Have you ever heard about Autozam, probably not. It’s one of these weird 90s Japanese car brands from Japan.

Well this article is about one of their weird cars, the AZ-1. It is a futuristic looking sportscar with freaking gullwing doors, you’re right like on the classy Mercedes 300sl or the iconic DMC12, but it isn’t close to any of them as it only has a 0,66 litre engine that makes 47kw/64hp. Yeah thats quite weak but it also only weighs about the half of a golf 7 and as you can probably say after seeing the engine size, it is a Kei car with a length of about 3,3 metres and a width of about 1,3 metres, which means nothing fits inside. 

If you wonder why you have never seen one, the reason is it was only sold in Japan and sadly the only 4392 were made, well actually 4923 as 531 were sold as Suzuki Cara. There are still oppertunities to find one for sale in a good condition. All the AZ-1 I found for sale were at about 15k-20k$ a quite big price for a small car, but if you are searching for a unique and fun car this is the way to go, to save money I would sugest you to to search on Japanes Car Auction websites like  it is much cheaper as getting one from your homecountry. 

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